Garden Aggregates &
Stone Supplies in Hull

Why choose our stones and aggregates?

Hull Skips stones & aggregates are suitable for use in both Domestic & Commercial settings.

Our finest quality aggregates are perfect for bulk filling and levelling and offer adequate drainage to the area they are laid.

Ideal for: sub-base for paths, driveways, ponds and more!

A beautiful alternative to grass-based garden features, our selection of decorative stones is a low-maintenance option for your outdoor space that can add vibrancy and functionality.

Hull Skips offers its Stones & Aggregates supply service to Hull, Beverley, Cottingham, Hornsea, Withernsea and surrounding areas.


All prices are per bulk bag and include free local delivery
From 1-tonne bulk bags to 20-tonne loads

Sharp Sand £50 + VAT

Sharp sand is a coarse type of sand that contains larger particles and has a rough texture. It is often used in construction and landscaping projects as a base material for paving, laying bricks, or creating concrete.

Soft Builders Sand £50 + VAT

Often known as plasterer’s sand or bricklayer’s sand, is a fine-grained type of sand that is used primarily for creating mortar or plaster mixes.

It has a smoother texture than sharp sand and is often used in applications where a smoother finish is desired, such as plastering walls or laying bricks.

Type 1 Hardcore £50 + VAT

A crushed rock material that is typically composed of a mix of coarse aggregate and fines, and is commonly used as a base material for roads, driveways, and other construction projects.

Top Soil £50 + VAT

A mixture of organic matter, minerals, and nutrients. It is often used in gardening and landscaping projects as a growing medium for plants, as it provides a fertile environment for root growth and supports healthy plant growth.

Crushed Brick £45 + VAT

Sorted by size and used in various construction applications.

They can be used as a replacement for traditional aggregates such as gravel or stone and are often used in landscaping projects, drainage systems, and as a base material for roads and paths.

Pea Gravel £60 + VAT

Round gravel is often used in landscaping and gardening projects for decorative purposes, such as creating pathways, borders, or rock gardens, as well as for drainage and erosion control.

Ballast £50 + VAT

Ballast is a blend of sharp sand, gravel and small stones used to make concrete for a variety of landscaping uses.

It’s often made up of recycled material and can also be used in the production of foundations for anything from road surfaces and house foundations to slabs and paving.

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All prices are per bulk bag and include free local delivery
From 1-tonne bulk bags to 20-tonne loads.

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Why Choose Us?

We carry all necessary permits, including a Waste carrier licence, Public liability (up to 10M) and are also approved by Hull City Council to put skips on the highway.

We can liaise directly with the council about any necessary permits to take the stress away from our clients.

Our vehicles allow us to deliver small skips to tight streets/alleyways meaning nowhere is off limits.

Hull Skips offer its Services to Hull, Beverley, Cottingham, Hornsea, Withernsea and surrounding areas.

Hull Skips offer its Stones & Aggregates supply service to Hull, Beverley, Cottingham, Hornsea, Withernsea and surrounding areas.

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Tel: 01482 770096